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Life Defying Acts

Finalist: 2019 Inkslinger Playwriting Competition

Winner: 2017 UMass New PlayLab

Following a life-changing event witnessed from opposite angles, two sisters’ world-views fly further and further apart, only to ultimately come crashing together years later. Life Defying Acts jumps back and forth in time and place, searching to explain why Sandra, the younger sister of Helen, landed in the hospital in a coma, and whether Helen will have the strength to do what is needed to help her little sister, as well as herself, find peace at last. 


Someone Has to Die Tonight or the Play Can't Go On

Short Listed: 2019 British Theatre Challenge

Selected: 2009 DrekFest (earlier version as Someone Has to Die Tonight, Indeed He Does)

Someone Has to Die Tonight… is an over the top farce jam-packed into 10 minutes of fun. Excellent bathroom reading.


Life & Death & Crap

Short Listed: Short+Sweet Sydney

Short Listed: Short+Sweet Dubai

Short Listed: Short+Sweet Manila

Short Listed: Short+Sweet Hollywood


A 10-minute Absurd play featuring two butterflies and a mayfly getting philosophical about life and death, and deep into crap.



Selected: East Village Chronicles, Vol. 6; Metropolitan Playhouse


On a New Jersey Transit train on his way to a Norfolk Street synagogue to fulfill his father’s last wish, Ben learns from some Lower East Side residents that the more things change in the Village, the more its spirit survives.

2M/2F (some roles flexible, gender-wise)

No Excuses

Selected: Protest Plays Project


This 3-minute playlet written for #TheatreActionVOTE!, NO EXCUSES, follows a young girl onto the stage of a theater, much to her mother's dismay, announcing to the audience that she's running for President - as soon as she grows up. This brief little play with three actors is ROYALTY FREE and can be performed immediately prior to a theater's regularly scheduled show in order to encourage voting and registering to vote. Get info and download the play below.

3-minute comedy

2F+1 non-gender specific role

Philbert Meets a Nut

Selected: 2009 DrekFest


DrekFest asks good writers to intentionally write awful plays so that we may laugh at them. Philbert Meets a Nut is a meta play where the woman reading stage directions becomes a character in the play and tries to take over the story. It’s a roller coaster ride telling the history of the world in 10 minutes, with a surprise ending you'll never see coming.


The Little Turtle

Produced: Chernin Center for the Arts


A 40-minute musical parable on homelessness centering on a turtle, lost in the woods, looking for a home. The other animals in the forest (a fox, a skunk, a bird and a rabbit) initially try to chase the turtle away, but finally come to see his/her value as an individual. Music & Lyrics by Christopher Walz.

5 characters; any gender

Fugue in a Cold State

In the middle of a couple’s absurdly bitter breakup, in-laws arrive to a cold apartment for a surprise visit, entirely unaware of the situation.

10-minute comedy


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